Master in Ministry Course
Posted on:- May 18, 2016

Master of Minstry Classes at IRM Bible Colleges

3 courses offered: Doctrine of Holiness by Dr.Dick Eugenio, Wesleyan Tradition by Dr.Floyd Cunningham & Methods of Theological Research by Dr.Nativity Petallar & Dr.Dick Eugenio. P 4200 / Course, Inclusive of Tuition Fee & Miscellaneous.
andersgate poster-01
Posted on:- Apr 15, 2016

Aldersgate Celebration – Celebrating our Holiness Heritage

Speaker: Dr. Alfonso Pablo, Retired General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church 24 May, 2016  | 7:00 pm | Cobb Worship Center This event is co-sponsored by the Wesleyan Church, The Free Methodist Church & APNTS.  
Posted on:- Apr 13, 2016

Summer Modules 2016